Engaging Care makes patients digital and self managing – creating better health for themselves, and saving time for you as a care giver.

The core of the Engaging Care application is founded on three carrying pillars – evidence-based knowledge, adherence to medication and health monitoring.
Engagement is in our name – for a simple reason: Engaged patients translate to better health outcomes, fewer complications and less hospital time – plus, they will themselves take responsibility for tasks previously performed by you and your staff.

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We digitalise your patient information and make it available 24/7.

Today, vast experience is collected by skilled care teams within all fields of professional healthcare. But time and resources are finite. The current situation allows only an appointed few sufficient time with qualified doctors and nurses. Health care of today is simply not equal for everyone.

That needs to change – and our goal is for everyone to benefit from these invaluable assets, by making them easily attainable to everyone, everywhere. That’s why we have created an engaging educational experience that is reliable, personalised and omnipresent for users with all sorts of needs.

  • Personalised learning dashboard.
  • Interactive practice exercises.
  • Instructional videos.
  • Adaptation for visually impaired users.
  • Standardised care plans.


We make your patients more adherent to their medications.

For patients who need prescribed medication, drugs play an essential role. Non-adherence not only leads to substantial worsening of diseases and illnesses – in many instances, it also causes repeated costly visits with primary care and hospitals. This is why treatment adherence needs to be top of mind – a strong patient management solution can support patients with their adherence techniques.

One of the most important objectives we have with real time monitoring of health data and activities, is to improve the medication adherence. We can better understand individual circumstances that might influence the level of commitment to undergoing medical procedures, or simply taking their medication in accordance with the treatment plan, ordained by the healthcare provider.

  • List of prescribed drugs.
  • Interactive and personalised pill reminder.
  • Drug and medicinal information.
  • Pill identification (for patients unsure of what pills they have – the database contains images of pills and capsules allowed in Sweden).
  • Refill and delivery of prescribed drugs.


We give your patients a tool to monitor their own personal health data.

The collection of health data is imperative for gaining necessary insights to improve health outcomes – while reducing costs and saving work hours for the care giving institutions. In our product, biometric data, medication as well as behavioural and psychographic data are collected from the user in real time. This data not only gives the user information on which direction he/she is heading, but it is also used and tracked in collaboration with care teams and immediate family that are beneficial to the recovery process.

With the real-time algorithms of monitoring, poor health indicators will tell the user to get in touch with a caregiver – which means that early countermeasures can be taken.

  • Basic data: weight, sleep, diet, activity, etc.
  • Biometric data: Blood pressure, lung function, etc.
  • Advanced: Mood/emotion, medication management, individual goal setting and tracking.